Session 123 | Geneva hybrid session | 28 Mar-1 Apr
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
UN R34 Prevention of Fire Risks UN Regulation UNR 0034
UN R43 Safety Glazing Materials UN Regulation UNR 0043
UN R46 Indirect Vision Devices UN Regulation UNR 0046
UN R66 Superstructure Strength of Large Passenger Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0066
UN R67 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0067
UN R107 Construction of Coaches and Buses UN Regulation UNR 0107
UN R110 Compressed and Liquefied Natural Gas System Components UN Regulation UNR 0110
UN R118 Burning Behavior of Interior Materials UN Regulation UNR 0118
UN R125 Driver Forward Field of Vision UN Regulation UNR 0125
RE3 Construction of Vehicles RE3
Special Resolution No. 1: Vehicle Categories, Masses and Dimensions Resolution 0001
UN R144 Accident Emergency Call Systems UN Regulation UNR 0144
Automated Driving Systems Automated Driving
UN R160 Event Data Recorders UN Regulation UNR 0160
UN R151 Blind-spot information systems (BSIS) UN Regulation UNR 0151
UN R165 Audible Reversing Warning Systems UN Regulation UNR 0165
Awareness of Vulnerable Road Users in Low-speed Maneuvers VRU Proximity Awareness
UN Regulation on Commercial Vehicle Direct Vision Regulatory Project CV Direct Vision
Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving Regulatory Project DSSAD
UN R158 Reversing Motion Detection UN Regulation UNR 0158
UN R159 UN Regulation on Moving-Off Information Systems UN Regulation UNR 0159
Periodical Technical Inspections of Accident Emergency Call Systems Regulatory Project PTI-AECS
UN R161 Devices for Protection against Unauthorized Use UN Regulation UNR 0161
UN R162 Immobilizers and Vehicles Equipped with Immobilizers UN Regulation UNR 0162
UN R163 Vehicle Alarm Systems UN Regulation UNR 0163
Light Vehicle Vehicle Moving Off from Standstill Regulatory Project MOIS (M1/N1)
PTI: Whole Life Compliance PTI: Whole Life Compliance
Common Data Elements for Event Data Recorders Global EDR
Field of Vision Assistants Regulatory Project FVA