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(Latest 1 September 2021)
25 March 2021 UN R107: Visibility of a safety sign under darkness or opaque conditions (Aguila) BMFE-14-03/Rev.1
BMFE-14-03/Rev.1 2021-03-25
10 May 2021 Draft report of the 13th BMFE informal group session BMFE-14-06
BMFE-14-06 2021-05-10
10 May 2021 Agenda for the 14th BMFE informal group session BMFE-15-01
BMFE-15-01 2021-05-10
10 May 2021 UN R107: Provisions for devices to break window glass (France, Germany, and CLCCR) BMFE-15-02/Rev.1
BMFE-15-02/Rev.1 2021-05-10
1 September 2021 Minutes of the 15th BMFE informal group session BMFE-15-03
BMFE-15-03 2021-09-01