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Non-Governmental Organization
International Association of the Body and Trailer Building Industry

You can find more information about CLCCR at their website.

Recent WP.29 Contributions from CLCCR

05 Mar
UN R107: Automatic activation of emergency exists (BMFE-08-07)
["Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Category M2 or M3 Vehicles with regard to their General Construction <p>UNECE R107 covers the approval of single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles, with the exception of certain special-use vehicles such as ambulances, school buses, prison buses, etc.</p>\r\n<p>The regulation also lays out special requirements for other special-use buses and vans such as mobile libraries.</p> Coach and Bus Construction Construction of Coaches and Buses UN Regulation No. 107 UN R107"]
05 Mar
UN R118: Proposal for provisions concerning adhesive agents (BMFE-08-13)
["Uniform Technical Prescriptions Concerning the Burning Behaviour of Materials Used in the Interior Construction of Certain Categories of Motor Vehicles Material Burning Behavior Burning Behavior of Interior Materials UN Regulation No. 118 UN R118"]