(Latest posted on 20 May 2024)

The EqOP informal group was established in December 2022 to address the following objectives:

  1. Identify and present a map of issues which should be addressed by regulatory upgrades directly and gaps where more research is needed regarding equitable occupant protection.
  2. Determine how greater diversity in terms of representation of crashes and occupants should be implemented in concerned crash safety regulations, and if needed, propose well-defined changes to those regulations and further activities in GRSP.
  3. Assess virtual crash testing as a method in concerned regulations to improve equity in occupant protection
  4. Identify shortcomings of existing regulations and related standards, such as whether the current test protocols can be misapplied to optimise crash performance for the specific test conditions and test dummies in a narrow way that is detrimental to the protection of a diverse population.
Further information can be found in the group’s terms of reference.