Groups reporting to GRBP
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
ASEP II 2nd Informal Working Group on Additional Sound Emission Provisions Last session: January 2021 2021
GTRQRTV Global Technical Regulation for Quiet Road Transport Vehicles Informal Group Last session: May 2018 2018
TFMU Task Force on Vehicle and Tyre Noise Measurement Uncertainties Last session: November 2021 2021
TFRWS Task Force on Reverse Warning Sound Issues Last session: October 2021 2021
TFSL Task Force on Vehicle Sound Next session: 17 Dec 2022
TFST Task Force on Studded Tyres Last session: October 2021 2021
TPMSTI Task Force on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and Tyre Installation Last session: July 2021 2021
TYREGTR Informal Group on the Development of a Tyre GTR Last session: September 2019 2019
WT Informal Working Group on Worn Tyres Last session: November 2021 2021