Groups reporting to GRVA
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
ACSF Automatically Commanded Steering Functions Last session: January 2020 2020
Ad Hoc AEBS Ad Hoc Group on Heavy Vehicle AEBS Last session: December 2018 2018
ADAS Task Force on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Last session: June 2022 2022
AEBS Automatic Emergency Braking for Category M1/N1 Vehicles Last session: September 2021 2021
AEBS-HDV Heavy Duty Vehicle Advanced Emergency Braking Systems Special Interest Group Last session: April 2022 2022
EDR-DSSAD Event Data Recorders and Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving Next session: 6 Oct 2022
FRAV Functional Requirements for Automated Vehicles Next session: 19-21 Jul 2022
MVC Modular Vehicle Combinations Last session: January 2020 2020
TFAV Task Force on Automated Vehicle Testing Last session: October 2018 2018
TFCS UN Task Force on Cybersecurity and Software Updates Last session: June 2021 2021
UNR157 Special Interest Group on UN R157 Last session: May 2022 2022
VMAD Validation Methods for Automated Driving Last session: May 2022 2022