Starting note for WLTP Phase 2
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Initial working items for the phase 2 development of GTR No. 15 going into 2016.

Reference Number: WLTP-08-41
Origin: Japan
Date: 4 November 2014
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WLTP-08-41/Rev.1 | Starting note for WLTP Phase 2
Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Emissions Test Procedure | Session 8 | 18-20 Nov 2014

Starting note by K. Kobayashi (WLTP-08-41e, WLTP-08-41e_annex) was presented. ToR need to be established until mid of 2015. Main issues are durability, in service conformity, additional tests. A questionnaire will be sent out to CPs to be completed until the end of February 2015. First views in IWG meeting #9 by K. Steininger (WLTP-08-42e) including EV issues of WLTP Phase 2 & 3. Consolidated communication to EVE-IWG is recommended. OICA is invited to contribute.