Cross reference to Regulation No. 10 in Regulation No. 78
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IMMA comments on the suggestion to include a cross reference to UN R10 in UN R78 in order to ensure that electromagnetic interference does not affect electronic brake modules in a way that causes unsafe brake operation as was adopted for UN R13.

Reference Number: GRRF-78-52
Origin: IMMA
Date: 9 October 2014
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Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 78 | 16-19 Sep 2014

11. The expert from IMMA presented GRRF-78-52 addressing GRRF concerns about the absence of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements in to UN Regulation No. 78. GRRF agreed to resume consideration of this matter at its February 2015 session awaiting a presentation by IMMA on the difficulties at referring to the EMC requirements of UN Regulation No. 10 for vehicles of L-category.