KATRI video regarding the safety investigation of certain panoramic sunroofs
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Reference Number: WP.29-162-22
Origin: KATRI
Date: 14 March 2014
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World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 162 | 11-14 Mar 2014

71. Mr. Sokchang Kwon, Director General of the Motor Vehicles Policy Division of the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Korea gave a presentation on the results of their national defect investigations on panoramic sunroofs (WP.29-162-15). The Chair of GRSG suggested that this topic be investigated further by GRSG experts to determine whether it is necessary to adjust the relevant UN Regulation No. 43 and UN GTR No. 6 on glazing. Thus, he invited the representative of the Republic of Korea to share these findings with GRSG experts during the forthcoming session in May 2014. The representative of the Republic of Korea (Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute (KATRI)) introduced WP.29-162-22 showing the detailed results of their investigations on safety issues with panoramic sunroofs. The representative of Japan agreed with the suggestion by the Chair of GRSG. Finally, the World Forum requested GRSG to discuss this issue at its forthcoming session in April 2014.