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Proposal for draft Amendment 3 to Global Technical Regulation No. 4
Document GRPE/2014/11
20 March 2014

Text prepared by the GRPE working group on HDH to add the test procedure on heavy duty hybrids. The text has been prepared as a consolidated version of the GTR.

Status: Superseded
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5.2.2. | Proposal for Amendment 3 to gtr No. 4 (Worldwide Heavy-Duty Certification procedure (WHDC))
14.2. | Proposal for Amendment 3 to gtr No. 4 (Worldwide Heavy-Duty Certification procedure (WHDC))

[Vote postponed until the March session. The GTR allows option between semi-validated HILS and fully validated power pack methods. US EPA believes there must be a robust understanding of the correlation between the two methods and the testing to build this understanding is incomplete. Therefore, while the US is committed to the GTR amendment, the US requests a delay. Canada and Japan support this request and need for the additional data.]

109. The representative of the United States of America kindly requested AC.3 to postpone consideration of draft Amendment 3 to UN GTR No. 4 (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/ 2014/84, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/85 and the authorization to develop a corresponding amendment (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/AC.3/29)) because his country was still performing tests on the potential differences between the two alternatives in the proposed Annexes 9 and 10 and on their implications. He added that the test results would probably be shared with the other Contracting Parties at the January 2015 session of GRPE. The Chair noted that another Contracting Party also requested a delay in the vote until their clearance process had been completed. The Contracting Parties welcomed the statements and agreed to postpone consideration of the amendment and the vote by AC.3 to the March 2015 session.

18.3. | GTR No. 4 (Worldwide Heavy-Duty Certification procedure (WHDC))
4. (a) | Heavy Duty Hybrids (HDH)

16. The secretary to the IWG on HDH introduced GRPE-69-12 and reported on the completion of the work. He presented GRPE-69-10 amending the proposal in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2014/11 introducing a novel approach for assessing the performance of the entire vehicle powertrain by a simulation (HILS) as well as the final technical report (GRPE-69-11) for the proposed Amendment 3 to UN GTR No. 4.

17. GRPE noted that the HILS method validation was only partially completed when applying the Japanese criteria but that none of the prerequisites were met for extending the mandate for further action by the IWG. Therefore, GRPE acknowledged the work done by the IWG and agreed to remove this item from the provisional agenda of the seventieth session of GRPE in January 2015.

18. GRPE adopted the proposal ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2014/11 as amended by GRPE-69-10 and GRPE-69-22 (Part A) as reproduced in Addendum 2 to the GPE 68th session report. GRPE also adopted the corresponding technical report (GRPE-69-11 as amended by GRPE-69-22 (Part B), reproduced in Addendum 2) and requested the secretariat to submit them as a proposal for draft Amendment 3 to UN GTR No. 4 to WP.29 and AC.3 at their November 2014 sessions.

4. (c) | UN Global Technical Regulations Nos. 4, 5 and 10
4. (a) | Heavy-duty Hybrids (HDH)

31. [The HDH Chair] focused on the draft amendment to UN GTR No. 4 (GRPE-68-12) by providing details on the definitions, the concept of hybrid powertrain family, the approach considered, the content of Annex 8 (hardware in the loop simulation method) and 9 (powertrains method), as well as amendments aligning UN GTR No. 4 with UN GTR No. 11. The endorsement of GRPE was needed on this last point, since this is beyond the original HDH mandate.

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