Principles and regional options for minimum vehicle sound provisions
Document GTRQRTV-TF-02-02
10 October 2013
Submitted by France
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
5. | Consideration and review of the key technical elements for the draft GTR

5.3 Collection of basic requirements derived from standpoints of Contracting Parties.
Based on document ‘Basis common requirements for AVAS’ (document GTRQRTV-TF-01-02) that was compiled during the 1st TF meeting, JASIC has created an overview chart that shows the same content in an easy-to-read manner. In addition to the various national/regional standpoints, this table shall include possible compromises between the opinions as well as a proposed text that can be used to be put in the GTR. In became obvious that for some subjects a compromise is difficult to formulate as the individual standpoints are fixed and controversy at the same time, e.g. mandatory vs. prohibited.

The need for setting minimum and maximum SPL requirements was discussed.

France presented a document (document GTRQRTV-TF-02-02) that clarified that the minimum sound requirements apply to the whole vehicle at it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that they are fulfilled, with or without an AVAS fully or partly activated.

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