Proposal for Supplement 5 to the 02 series of amendments to Regulation No. 117
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Text prepared by the Russian Federation to elaborate on the concept of tyre deceleration (dω/dt) in the test technology.

Reference Number: GRB/2013/10
Origin: Russia
Date: 24 June 2013
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Noise | Session 58 | 2-4 Sep 2013

15. The expert from the Russian Federation made a presentation (GRB-58-12) to introduce a revised proposal (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRB/2013/10) that would introduce a “Deceleration Calculator” software for the deceleration test method in the test procedure for measuring rolling resistance. The expert from France informed GRB that the proposed calculator had been verified for a first cycle of tests by the Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries (UTAC). However, he added that the method should be still thoroughly analysed. The expert from ETRTO expressed some doubts on the variability of the method by temperature change and stated that further work was needed to demonstrate equivalence. The expert from the Russian Federation recalled that full cooperation was offered by the Russian experts as well as data sharing and asked GRB to take into consideration the positive experience developed by the industrial sector of his country in this field. The expert from France proposed to host a meeting of experts (date to be defined) in UTAC to further the exchange of views and finalize the proposal. The Chair of GRB suggested that other laboratories would start similar activities to evaluate the proposed method and devise possible alternative calculators to provide wider choice to future users. Finally, GRB endorsed the ad hoc meeting with the experts of ETRTO and the Russian Federation which was proposed by the expert from France to test the proposed “Deceleration Calculator”. It was also noted that once that the calculator was accepted by GRB as a valid alternative to the current one, it could be hosted on the WP.29 website, as an example, with an anonymous reference.