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UN R131: Proposal for a Supplement to the 02 series of amendments
Document GRVA-19-55
23 May 2024

Proposal to clarify requirements in the scope requesting for reciprocal recognition with UN Regulation No. 152 (Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) for M1 and N1 vehicles).

Submitted by Australia
Status: Withdrawn
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7. | Advanced Emergency Braking Systems
4.2.3. | Interpretation of specific UN Regulations

93. The representative of Australia sought clarifications (WP.29-191-23) regarding the equivalence of requirements according to UN Regulation No. 152 (AEBS for light vehicles) and UN Regulation No. 131 (AEBS for heavy vehicles) for vehicles of category M3/N2 with a maximum weight below or equal to 8 tons, equipped with hydraulic braking, which can be approved under both UN Regulations.

94. WP.29 agreed to pass the request to the Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, as the body in charge of these regulations.

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