Document GRVA-15-09
UN R79: Proposal to amend GRVA/2023/6
Status: Superseded
Submitted by Germany

Proposal to prevent activation of an Automatically Commanded Steering Function of Category C for a minimum of [10] seconds after the system has verified that the road is of a valid type when merging into a roadway. The activation delay of [10] seconds prevents the system from being used during merging from the motorway’s acceleration lane. According to the proposal, the merging process during the acceleration phase is not fully suitable for an automated lane change due to, among other things, the vehicle dynamics and the limited space available. In addition, the delay shifts the driver’s notification of the automatic activation of the ACSF-C system to a time when the vehicle is already in a stable driving condition on the motorway and the driver’s attentional resources are more available to receive the notification. A manual activation of the system remains possible.

Discussions and Outcomes
15th GRVA session (23-27 Jan)