TF Tyres Abrasion (TF TA) - terms of reference
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TF TA will address the tyres abrasion performance by determining a standardized measurement method which will allow for the quantification of the microplastic emissions in the environment. At the same time, the TF TA will investigate the correlation between abrasion rate and durability and consider the inclusion of both abrasion rate and durability

Reference Number: GRBP-75-39/Rev.1
Origin: EC and France
Date: 10 February 2022
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35. In cooperation with the Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE), GRBP established a Task Force on Tyres’ Abrasion (TF TA) under the Co-Chairmanship of France and the European Commission, adopted its Terms of Reference (Annex IV, based on GRBP-75-39-Rev.1) and encouraged all experts to participate in the activities of TF TA. Many experts volunteered to contribute to the work of TF TA.