UN R131: Proposal for amendments
Document GRVA/2022/7
7 December 2021
Status: Superseded
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4.8.1. | Proposal for the 02 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 131 (Advanced Emergency Braking System)
7. | Advanced Emergency Braking Systems

68. GRVA received a report (GRVA-12-09/Rev.1) from the expert from Germany, Co-Chair of the IWG on AEBS for heavy duty vehicles, on the progress made by the group to upgrade UN Regulation No. 131. He presented ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2022/7 (amended by GRVA-12-08), proposing to adjust the performance requirements in UN Regulation No. 131 to the current state of the art.

69. The expert from the Czech Republic highlighted that the upgraded provisions would be a significant contribution to road safety. He denied that the provisions corresponded to the current state of art technology. He explained that this assessment would only be true for a limited number of truck manufacturers and added that smaller truck manufacturers would be impacted as they were not working closely enough with the big systems suppliers for such systems.

70. The expert from ETSC mentioned the potential positive impact on road safety that this amendment, if adopted, could bring.

71. GRVA worked during the week on different options to introduce the requirements related to the vehicle to vehicle and the vehicle to pedestrian use cases and the corresponding transitional provisions as well as the AEBS deactivation conditions, on the basis of positions expressed by Australia, Germany, Japan, CLEPA, ETSC and OICA (GRVA-12-38, GRVA-12-39, GRVA-12-41, GRVA-12-42/Rev.1, GRVA-12-44, GRVA-12-46 and GRVA-12-47). GRVA also discussed provisions restricting the ability to switch off AEBS.

72. GRVA requested the secretariat to submit ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2022/7 as amended by GRVA-12-49 (reproduced in GRVA-12-50/Rev.1), to WP.29 and AC.1 for consideration and vote at their June 2022 sessions.

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