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UN R157: Proposal to amend document GRVA/2021/3
Document GRVA-09-19
29 January 2021

Given that UN R94, 95 and 137 refer only to vehicle categories M1 and N1</, the proposal would add references to UN R29 and 66 to specify an impact severity level for heavier vehicle categories for data retrieval performance limits.

Submitted by CLEPA and OICA
Status: Formal GR review
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4. (d) | UN Regulation on Automated Lane Keeping System

23. The expert from OICA introduced their proposal to extend the scope of UN Regulation No. 157 in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2021/3 (amended by GRVA-09-19) and invited the GRVA expert to provide views and input on the questions in GRVA-09-34.

23bis. The expert from Korea noted that the time gap values were governed by traffic rules and that UN Regulation No. 157 took the reference deceleration values from UN Regulation No. 13- H. He suggested that the corresponding values in UN Regulation No. 13 should be used for heavy vehicles.

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