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UN R79: "Hands off" lane-keeping assist systems
Document GRVA-07-23
15 September 2020
Submitted by CLEPA and OICA
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6. (d) | Other business concerning UN R79

50. The expert from OICA presented GRVA-07-23 concerning the approval of hand off level 2 systems. He presented considerations aimed at understanding the principles under which such technology could be acceptable as a driver assistance system. The expert from Japan explained that such technology had not been reported to cause a specific safety risks, in his country. The expert from the Netherlands opposed to the proposal and stated the need to differentiate Level 2 from Levels 3-4 to avoid confusion and overreliance by drivers. The expert from ETSC expressed concerns about the safety of such systems.

51. GRVA agreed to consult AC.2 on appropriate activities regarding so-called “hands off” level 2 technologies.

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