UN R79: Consolidated proposal for amendments to document GRVA/2019/19
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Text approved by GRVA consolidating input from stakeholders and agreed changes to the original proposal (GRVA/2019/19) for submission to WP.29 at its March 2020 session. The proposal amends the draft text (GRVA/2019/9) submitted to resolve measurement concerns in the test requirements for ACSF of Category B1 and C by introducing provisions for tolerances, including:

  • inclusion of the position at which the lateral acceleration was measured and the position of the centre of gravity of the vehicle for better traceablility,
  • sampling rate of at least 100 Hz for dynamic testing,
  • specification of filters and cut-off frequency for determination of lateral acceleration,
  • option to measure “overriding force” torque via an internal sensor or an external device (e.g., steering robot).

Reference Number: GRVA-04-47
Date: 27 September 2019
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 4 | 24-27 Sep 2019

33. The expert from France introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2019/19 proposing amendments to UN Regulation No.79 based on experience gathered by France, Germany and the Republic of Korea since the entry into force of the 03 series. The proposal received comments (see GRVA-04-09, GRVA-04-46). GRVA adopted the proposal as amended (GRVA-04-47) as reproduced in Annex III, as supplement to the 03 series of amendments to UN Regulation No.79 and requested the secretariat to submit it to WP.29 and AC.1, for consideration and vote at their March 2020 sessions.