LSD (UN R148): Japan comments on document GRE/2019/7
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Comments on the proposal to introduce requirements for testing sun-load impact.

Reference Number: GRE-81-17
Origin: Japan
Date: 15 April 2019
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GRE/2019/7 | LSD: Proposal for a Supplement
Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 81 | 15-18 Apr 2019

12. The expert from Germany presented a draft Supplement to the UN LSD Regulation which introduced requirements for testing the sun load impact (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/2019/7). The proposal received comments from the experts of France, Japan (GRE-81-17), Netherlands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, CLEPA, OICA and SAE. The expert from IMMA made a study reservation. The Chair invited the expert from Germany to update the proposal, based on the comments received, for consideration at the next session.