UN R79: Proposal for transitional provisions to the new 03 series of amendments
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Proposal to cease approvals under the 02 series of amendments from September 2020 in order to allow manufacturers adequate time to adapt to the new requirements;

  • ESF, ACSF C and unexpectedly ACSF B1 (despite originally assumed to be compatible with ACSF C new requirements),
  • new CEL assessment (documentation, tests…) whose scope is also extended to all non-complex electronic systems under series 03.
Additionally, industry and the technical services are currently experiencing difficulties to implement the new test procedures applicable to ACSF A/B1 and to CSF which are specified in the 02 series of amendments. A lead-time of two years is needed to implement the new test procedures (test tracks, measurement tools and methods, tests with a motorbike at high speed, etc.), in order to e.g. prevent risks of delaying market introduction of new products.

Regarding the application to “All Types” (e.g. for new registration), industry proposes to leave unchanged the existing vehicles on the market which are approved on the base of national of regional exemptions by Contracting Parties signatories of the UN R79 regulation, given the heavy technical impacts on ACSF C (sensor range…) which are indirectly affecting ACSF B1 systems that were initially assumed to be compatible with cat. C (e.g. 3s hands-off detection instead of 15s, lane centering prior to the lateral movement towards the marking etc.), and the add-on of requirements restricting design possibilities without clear safety benefits (e.g. the use of direction indicators to suppress the procedure).

Reference Number: GRRF-85-04
Origin: CLEPA and OICA
Date: 8 December 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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13. GRRF noted the necessity to further develop Transitional Provisions applicable to the draft 03 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 79 (see para.12 above). GRRF reviewed the proposal tabled by the expert from OICA (GRRF-85-04), agreed on the necessity of transitional provisions (GRRF-85-04-Rev.1) and requested the Chair and the Secretary to further develop the Transitional Provisions accordingly, also taking into consideration the newly adopted Transitional Provisions applicable to the 02 series of amendments.