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Proposal for Supplement 3 to UN Regulation No. 134
Document WP.29/2017/127
23 August 2017

Proposal to

  1. align the regulation with legislation of the European Union, United States of America, and Japan,
  2. clarify the test procedure, including ambient temperature provisions,
  3. reduce unnecessary time and cost demands of the COP test procedures,
  4. apply the minimum burst pressure BPmin as the pressure limit in the hydrostatic pressure rupture test for COP batch testing, and
  5. delete the phrase “and in no case less than the value necessary to meet the stress ratio requirements” erroneously introduced into paragraph

Status: Adopted
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39. GRSP noted ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2017/5 tabled by the expert from Japan proposing improvements to the test requirements. GRSP adopted the proposal as amended by Annex VII to the report. The secretariat was requested to submit the proposal for consideration and vote at the November 2017 sessions of WP.29 and AC.1 as draft Supplement 3 to UN Regulation No. 134.

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