Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 106
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Regulation No. 106 contains standardized tyre sizes, which often need to be updated, following the technical progress. In order to accelerate the update process of the Regulation and limit the number of amendments, it is proposed to insert in a new Resolution the standardized sizes and to refer to this Resolution in Annex 5. As a temporary solution to assess the effectiveness of such proposal, the Annex 5 of Regulation No. 106 will be kept as it is with no further updates. After a trial period of approximately two years and upon confirmation of effectiveness, the complete Annex 5 of Regulation No. 106 would be transferred to this Resolution on Tyre Sizes.

Reference Number: GRRF/2017/5
Origin: ETRTO
Date: 14 November 2016
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 83 | 23-27 Jan 2017

36. The expert from ETRTO introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRRF/2017/5 and ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRRF/2017/6 as amended by GRRF-83-11 and GRRF-83-12, proposing to introduce new tyres size usually listed in Annex 5 in a new Resolution, aimed at simplifying the update of this annex as well as reducing the number of amendments. GRRF noted that Annex 5 was containing non-metric tyre sizes not in line with the general formulae contained in the Regulation; therefore, GRRF wondered whether the right approach would be to introduce the appropriate formulae in the Regulation instead of continuously updating Annex 5. The expert from ETRTO agreed to address this proposal and to submit, if suitable, revised proposals for consideration at the next session.