Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 110
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Proposal to correct the definition of “manual valve”, including deletion of the phrase “rigidly fixed to the cylinder or tank”.

Reference Number: GRSG-111-20
Origin: Netherlands
Date: 7 October 2016
Proposal Status: Superseded
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GRSG/2017/4 | Proposal for Supplement 6 to the 01 series of amendments to Regulation No. 110
Working Party on General Safety | Session 111 | 11-14 Oct 2016

34. The expert from the Netherlands introduced GRSG-111-20 aimed at correcting an error in the definitions related to the manual valve. GRSG noted general support and agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session in April 2017. The secretariat was requested to circulate GRSG-111-20 with an official symbol.