Amendment proposals to Regulation No. 28 on reversing alarm
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Draft proposal to incorporate provisions for audible signals when a vehicle is in reverse gear, including specifications relative to ambient noise levels.

Reference Number: GRB-64-05
Origin: Germany
Date: 26 August 2016
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Working Party on Noise | Session 64 | 5-7 Sep 2016

4. The expert from Germany presented an analysis of the current diverging requirements and challenges for reversing alarms of M and N categories of vehicles and called for harmonization in this area in the framework of the 1958 Agreement (GRB-64-06). As an example of a possible solution, he mentioned amending Regulation No. 28 with the provisions on reversing alarms (GRB-64-05). The expert from Turkey recalled its alternative proposal, at the March 2016 session of WP.29, to establish a new Regulation on vehicle reversing sound warning devices (WP.29-168-04).

5. GRB was of the view that, before taking a decision on the legal form of reversing alarm requirements, this issue would need to be studied further. The experts from China, France, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Spain, Turkey and OICA expressed their interest in participating in this work. The Chair invited the expert of Germany to solicit comments from GRB experts with a view to preparing proposals for the next session. The expert from Japan pointed out the need to cooperate with the Working Party on General Safety Provisions (GRSG) on devices for indirect vision (Regulation No. 46) which could be an alternative to reversing alarms.