Reversing audible warning devices for M- and N-vehicles
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Presentation of Turkey’s proposals for revering audible warning devices, including provisions for multiple sound levels and pause functions.

Reference Number: GRB-65-14
Origin: Turkey
Date: 9 February 2017
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GRB-64-05 | Amendment proposals to Regulation No. 28 on reversing alarm
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Working Party on Noise | Session 65 | 15-17 Feb 2017

3. The experts from Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea and Turkey outlined the present situation with reversing alarms at the national level, identified the existing problems in this field and proposed solutions (GRB-65-06, GRB-65-07-Rev.1, GRB-65-13, GRB-65-14 and GRB-65-19). The expert from the Netherlands suggested using white noise alarms that, according to him, have advantages over the traditional tonal noise alarms that beep (GRB-65-17).

4. GRB agreed that, rather than amending Regulation No. 28, a new Regulation on reversing alarm should be prepared. GRB noted that the main issues of the future Regulation would be its scope (categories of vehicles), the possible existence of a pause switch and the alarm sound composition (sound levels and frequencies). GRB agreed that there was no need to establish a new informal working group and that the initial drafting would be carried out by a small group (task force) of interested parties. The expert from Germany volunteered to steer the work of the task force with the assistance of OICA. The experts from Japan and Turkey pointed out that, if need be, they could also act as sponsors.