Adaptive Front Lighting Systems (AFS): History and scientific back-up
Document GRE-48-30
5 February 2002
Submitted by GTB
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7. (h) | Regulation No. 123 (Adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS))

32. The expert from GTB proposed to align the conformity of production procedures in Regulation No. 123 with the other headlamp Regulations and to simplify the AFS test methods and requirements relating to conformity of production (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/2016/28 and GRE-75-15). Given the significant volume of the proposed amendment, the experts from UK and EC requested more time to study it. GRE invited experts to send their comments to GTB and agreed to revert to the proposal at the next session upon understanding that, if adopted, it would become part of the new front-lighting Regulation.

8. | Pending amendment proposals
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