Draft Regulation on driver assist systems to avoid blind spot accidents
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Presentation on blind-spot accident data and work on the development of a test cycle to assess the effectiveness of blind-spot countermeasures to reduce the risk of VRU collisions.

Reference Number: GRSG-110-18/Rev.1
Origin: Germany and BASt
Date: 28 April 2016
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GRSG/2017/11 | Proposal for a new Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to the Blind Spot Information System
Working Party on General Safety | Session 110 | 25-29 Apr 2016

60. The expert from Israel gave a presentation (GRSG-110-19) on the need and global support to develop new technical provisions for blind spot detection and warning systems as well as the installation of such collision avoidance systems on heavy duty vehicles. Referring to GRSG-109-19 presented at the previous session, the expert from Germany introduced GRSG-110-18-Rev.1 on the current status of development on test procedures for a new draft regulation on Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) to avoid such blind spot accidents through a driver information and warning system. He reported on the results of several test scenarios of a heavy goods vehicle with a proposed test dummy. He concluded that further investigations were still in progress. GRSG welcomed the presentations and noted a number of comments.

61. Following the discussion, GRSG decided to go forward in a two-step approach: (i) to develop new requirements for driver warning systems and (ii) to investigate subsequently the possibility to develop further requirements for automatic braking systems. GRSG agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session on the basis of first draft of the new UN Regulation on ADAS expected to be submitted by Germany.