Automated steering (ACSF) function per category overview
Document ACSF-05-15
26 January 2016

Updated list of functions/capabilities per ACSF category, including B1 and B2 categories addressing “hands-on” and “hands-off” lane-keeping.

Submitted by Japan
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
5.4. | Review of the requirements, based on ACSF-05-03

Presentation of J (ACSF-05-15)
(J): presented the document as a proposal, how the different requirements can be linked to other categories

(C-D): we should first check table for CAT C.

Discussion: how should the CATs be linked together – CAT B1 should not be a ACSF category

(D): CAT B1 should (only) be a system which enables a LKAS system to work continuously
(SE): confirmed D comments
(OICA): there may be systems in different countries, which would like to have single CAT C or CAT D systems
(C-D): is there a Contracting Party who proposes to have a single CAT C or CAT D system?
(F): if there will be systems on the market, we should not prohibit this.
(EC): we have to think about this
(D): CAT C Systems without CAT B makes no sense. D will not support a CAT C system alone.
(OICA): will bring proposals for a single CAT C system the next meeting.
(C-D): Are there concrete Systems in planning, which perform only CAT C?
(F): maybe there will be future systems of CAT C alone. We should not prohibit this. GRRF to decide.
(C-D): shares F opinion, but we have to specify a minimum safety standard.
(OICA): we should take in consideration, that ACSF is not reserved for High-End cars.
(F): cannot agree, that the row for CAT C is marked in “green” (edit.: so it remains yellow)

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