Category D-B automatic steering tests
Document ACSF-05-14
26 January 2016

Test procedure application for advanced systems of category D depending upon the steering configuration per category B (B1:hands-on with detection system steering, B2: hands-off enabled steering).

Submitted by Germany
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
5.4. | Review of the requirements, based on ACSF-05-03

Presentation of D (ACSF-05-14)
(D): presented the document as a proposal, how the tests can be extended to the other categories.

(OICA): good overview. We have to check, whether a 1:1 takeover is possible or whether amendments are necessary.
(F): good start, must be checked in detail
(EC): How to handle systems with ACC?
(SE): helpful overview. Requirements for CAT B2 should be similar as CAT E (without overtaking)
(D): confirms SE statement

Relates to UN R79 |