Session 1 | Geneva | 25-28 Sep 2018
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Agenda Item 9. (b)
UN Regulation No. 78

51. The expert from IMMA introduced GRVA-01-42 as a follow-up proposal of
GRRF-86-35 aiming to specify the stop lamp activation criteria for conditions other than only on application of the service brake (e.g. regenerative braking). She explained that the proposal is based on the provisions laid down in UN Regulation No.13-H. The expert of OICA mentioned that they were working on amendments to these criteria. GRVA encouraged the experts from IMMA and OICA to come up with harmonized provisions for UN Regulations Nos. 78 and 13-H and requested the secretariat to distribute the proposal with an official symbol at the next session of GRVA unless an alternative proposal would be submitted by the experts from CLEPA and OICA.

GRRF-86-35 | UN R78: Proposal for amendments (IMMA)
GRVA-01-42 | UN R78: Proposal for amendments (IMMA)