Session 69 | Geneva | 8-11 Apr 2013
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Agenda Item 17. (b)
Work progress of Working Party "Brussels 1952" task forces

55. The expert from GTB introduced GRE-69-39, reporting on the exchange of view between GTB and the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) on new headlighting technologies. He introduced GRE-69-40, a status report of the activities of the GTB task force dealing with COP requirements and Regulation No. 123. He introduced GRE-69-41 reporting on the feasibility study on performance based requirements and the rationales for excluding the Light Source Regulations from the study. He also reported on the feasibility of LED retrofit, listing the challenges expected and calling for input and guidance by GRE.

GRE-69-39 | GTB Mirror Working Group SAE (GTB)
GRE-69-40 | GTB Task Force on Conformity of Production (GTB)
GRE-69-41 | Status report on GTB working group light sources (GTB)