Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 64 | 11-14 Dec 2018
Agenda Item 13.
UN Regulation No. 80 (Strength of seats and their anchorages (buses))

GRSP may consider a revised proposal aimed at removing the static tests and improving the dynamic test on seat anchorages.

GRSP-64-19 UN R80: Proposal for amendments to document GRSP/2018/10 (Russia)
GRSP-64-19/Add.1 Study of the passengers’ level of protection in a frontal collision for buses equipped with the seats with lap belts and lap-shoulder belts (NAMI)
GRSP-64-22 UN R80: Proposal for the 04 series of amendments (Germany)
GRSP-64-23 UN R80: Proposal for the 05 series of amendments (Germany)