Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 63 | 14-18 May 2018
Agenda Item 9.
UN Regulation No. 16 (Safety-belts)

17. The expert from France introduced GRSP-63-04 to update the safety-belt installation requirements of Annex XVI of the UN Regulation. GRSP adopted the proposal as reproduced in Annex V to the session report. The secretariat was requested to submit the proposal as draft Supplement 11 to the 06 series of amendments and Supplement 4 to the 07 series of Amendments to UN Regulation No. 16, for consideration and vote at the November 2018 sessions of WP.29 and AC.1.

18. The expert from Germany introduced GRSP-63-23, to clarify which requirements should be applied to approve the safety-belt of the driver’s. GRSP endorsed the proposal and agreed to finalize its discussion by combining GRSP-63-23 with GRSP-63-01-Rev.1 under agenda item 24 (see para. 42 below).

GRSP-63-01/Rev.1 UN R16, 44 94, 129 and 137: Proposal for collective amendments (EC)
GRSP-63-04 UN R16: Proposal for Supplement 11 to the 06 series and Supplement 3 to the 07 series of amendments (France)
GRSP-63-07/Rev.1 UN R95: Proposal for Supplement 7 to the 03 series of amendments (OICA)
GRSP-63-23 UN R16: Proposal for a 08 series of amendments (Germany)