Session 59 | Geneva | 9-13 May 2016
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Agenda Item 17.
Regulation No. 100 (Electric power trained vehicles)

39. The expert from Belgium introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2016/7 to transfer additional safety provisions for electrical safety of trolleybuses from UN Regulation No. 107 (M2 and M3 vehicles) to UN Regulation No. 100 (Electric Power Trained Vehicles). She clarified that the proposal aimed at informing GRSP about the issue of interpretation of the scope of the two Regulations to cover electrical safety of trolleybuses. The expert from EC suggested an in-depth analyse to verify if the proposal would be correctly allocated as an amendment to UN Regulation No. 100. On this issue, the expert from OICA argued for more clarity. He added that for the time being he was not in the position to provide an answer. He suggested that closer coordination on this subject with other Working Parties, such as the Working Party on General Safety and the Working Party on Light and Lighting-Signalling, should be encouraged. He finally suggested asking guidance from WP.29 at its June 2016 session on the way forward. GRSP also noted that electrical safety of trolley buses had many implications on different UN Regulations such as UN Regulations Nos. 10 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 107 (Approval of category M2 or M3 vehicles with regard to their general construction). GRSP noted that GRSG at its April 2016 session had preferred to maintain the provisions on trolley buses into UN Regulation No. 107. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on this subject at its December 2016 session. In the meantime, the expert from Belgium volunteered to conduct a detailed analysis and to introduce a proposal on all related issues to GRSG and GRE and to submit an informal document to the June 2016 session of WP.29 to explain the issue and in the view of receiving guidance.

GRSP/2016/7 | Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 100 (Belgium)