Session 161 | Geneva | 12-15 Nov 2013
Agenda Item 17.1. GTR No. 2 (Worldwide Motorcycle emission Test Cycle (WMTC))
Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 66 | 3-7 Jun 2013

55. The EPPR Chair introduced GRPE-66-12, containing the request for a mandate to amend UN GTR No. 2 and to develop new UN GTRs and UN Regulations in the area of Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements (EPPR) for light vehicles. He explained that this follows the ongoing revision of environmental and propulsion performance requirements for the type approval of L-category vehicles in the European Commission and aims to increase global harmonization on the subject.

56. Answering to the question raised by IMMA on the need for mandate to develop new UN GTRs, the EPPR Chair suggested following the same route undertaken for the UN GTR development, as in the case of OBD. Responding to a request for clarifications by the expert from Italy on the intentions of the EPPR group on vehicle classifications and the extension to mopeds of the WMTC, the EPPR Chair confirmed that there is an intention to redefine classifications and the scope of UN GTR No. 2, adding that detailed decisions on these subject require further discussions with interested stakeholders.

57. GRPE approved the updated EPPR terms of reference, as reproduced in Annex VI of the GRPE meeting report. GRPE also considered GRPE-66-12, supporting its submission for consideration by WP.29 and AC.3 in their next session and endorsing the request for a mandate to amend UN GTR No. 2, to develop new UN GTRs (if necessary), and to amend and/or develop UN Regulations.

GRPE/66 | Report of the GRPE on its 66th session
WP.29/2013/127 | Request for authorization to develop amendments to GTR No. 2 and new regulations on environmental and propulsion performance requirements for light vehicles (EU)