World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 161 | 12-15 Nov 2013
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Agenda Item 3.5.3.
Working Party on General Safety provisions (GRSG) (105th session, 8-11 October 2013)

35. The GRSG Chair, Mr. A. Erario, informed WP.29 about the results achieved during the 105th session of GRSG (for more details, see the report of the session ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/84).

36. The GRSG Chair sought the consent of WP.29 to re-establish the informal group on Camera-Monitor Systems (CMS). WP.29 gave its consent.

37. The representative of the Russian Federation, Chair of the IWG on Automatic Emergency Call System (AECS), reported on the progress made during its first meeting.

38. The World Forum noted that Mr. A. Erario (Italy) and Mr. M. Matolcsy (Hungary) had been re-elected Chair and Vice-Chair of GRSG for the sessions in 2014.

GRSG/84 | Report of the GRSG on its 105th session