Session 61 | Geneva | 27-29 Jan 2015
Agenda Item 11. Quiet road transport vehicles
This agenda item relates to QRTV-GTR and UN R138 Quiet Road Transport Vehicles.
Informal Working Group for the Development of a UN Regulation on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles | Session 2 | 26-27 Jan 2015

All changes made during this meeting are shown in documents REG58-QRTV-02-02 & …02-03 with tracked changes. A new and clean document (REG58-QRTV-03-01) will be consolidated from those two documents as the working basis for the 3rd meeting.

GRB-61-02 | Draft UN Regulation concerning the approval of Quiet Road Transport Vehicles
GRB-61-10 | Presentation on the draft UN Regulation concerning the audibility of quiet road transport vehicles
GRB-61-15 | WBU statement on the proposed quiet road transport vehicles regulations (WBU)
GRB/2012/6 | Draft Recommendations for a Global Technical Regulation Regarding Audible Vehicle Alerting Systems for Quiet Road Transport Vehicles