Session 107 | Geneva | 30 Sep-3 Oct 2014
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Agenda Item 10.
Regulation No. 116 (Vehicle Alarm Systems)

28. Referring to the request of comments from GRSG (GRSG-106-38) submitted by the expert from EC at the last session, the expert from Germany provided information (GRSG-107-08) from the German type approval authority on the possibility of using a smart phone as an innovative alarm system. He added that some of these solutions had been refused, such as those which open the vehicle, because the smartphone signal was considered as an additional key, not provided by the vehicle manufacturer, which could potentially interfere with the original alarm system from the manufacturer. The GRSG Chair invited experts to provide their comments to the expert from EC and GRSG agreed to resume consideration on this matter at its May 2015 session.

29. The expert from Germany introduced GRSG-107-27-Rev.1, aimed at removing additional lighting not complying with UN Regulation No. 48. GRSG adopted the proposal, as reproduced in Annex IV to the GRSG-107 session report. The secretariat was requested to submit it to WP.29 and AC.1 for consideration and vote at their June 2015 sessions as draft Supplement 5 to the UN Regulation, subject to a final review of GRSG at its May 2015 session. GRSG also agreed to send GRSG-107-27-Rev.1 to the October 2014 session of GRE for information.

30. The expert from OICA introduced GRSG-107-15 allowing the introduction of different operating voltage ranges according to the battery technology used. The expert from Germany supported, in principle, the proposal. However, he raised a study reservation on covering high voltage components or not.

GRSG-106-38 | UN Regulation No. 116 and innovative vehicle alarm systems/ anti-theft systems (EC)
GRSG-107-08 | UN Regulation No. 116 and innovative vehicle alarm systems/anti‐theft systems (Germany)
GRSG-107-15 | Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 116 (OICA)
GRSG-107-27/Rev.1 | Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 116 (Germany)