Session 5 | Tokyo | 10-12 Dec 2013
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Agenda Item 8.
Sketch framework for GTR

Changes to the draft GTR

The basis for the discussion was Draft GTR after 2nd TF meeting (document GTRQRTV-TF-02-06). All changes made during this meeting are reflected in document ‘Draft GTR including changes made during 5th meeting’ (document GTRQRTV-05-06).

A discussion on the format of the GTR was lead in terms of the proposed split of the technical requirements into a section with mandatory requirements and a section with optional requirements, called ‘REQUIREMENTS FOR NATIONAL ADOPTION BY CONTRACTING PARTIES ‘ that was introduced during the 2nd TF meeting. The US stated that the content of a GTR can be modified in order to fit national requirements, including different measures for the time being until it is proven which methods work and which don’t.

Discussion on Backing alarm: It was discuessed if requirements for a signal during backing can be excluded in the case where the vehicle is fitted with another kind of backing alarm. Japan made clear that requirements from the GTR for backing shall not influence other existing legal or national requirements.

Requirements for SPLs: requirements for the SPL for various driving conditions are moved from the main text into the annexed table.

Deactivation: A requirement for prompt activation/deactivation of the signal at defined conditions would prohibit a fade out. This is not preferred by most participants. It requires a test method to prove its proper functioning. The environmental aspect of sound emissions at speeds outside of the mandated range would be covered by other regulation. Instead the minimum range of AVAS being activated should be mandated. Fading of the signal at conditions not included in that range should remain undefined and therefore left to the OEM to decide if more than the mandated signal is produced.

Stationary sound: The signal that is emitted when the vehicle is in stationary condition was discussed. Stationary is seen as a condition where the vehicle is not parked but where it is likely that a movement will start soon. The start of emission
can either be related to after ‘Activation of starting system’, thus a specified period after a certain event or before ‘Ready to move’, thus before an event still to be determined. Anyway a clear definition for both ‘Activation of Starting system’ and ‘Ready to move‘ must be included in the text.

Commencing motion sound is seen as a useful feature, but should not be strictly described.

Pause Switch: Certain or all use conditions of AVAS may be in conflict with national legislation of EU member states. A temporary or permanent pause switch shall therefore generally be regulated on national basis. The European Commission has the mandate to change Annex 9 depending on the final content of the GTR.

Test procedures: Technically both Outdoor and Indoor testing is possible. But out of aspects of practicability, indoor testing is the preferred route due to the lack of background noises. US so far only foresee outdoor testing. However with the self-certification system, it is the responsibility of the OEM to ensure that requirements would be fulfilled during outdoor testing. Japan again mentions the concern of missing indoor test lab specifications.

GTRQRTV-05-06 | Working draft of the GTR on quiet road transport vehicles with regard to sound emissions
GTRQRTV-TF-02-06 | Working draft of the proposed GTR on sound limits for quiet road transport vehicles