Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 19 | 20-24 May and 25 Jun

This GRVA session held in two parts. The first session held in Troy, Michigan (USA). For UN procedural reasons, a second session held in Geneva to formally ratify outcomes of the Troy session.

Invitation to the Troy session
Logistical information for the Troy session
General schedule for the Troy session

Agenda Item 4. (e)
Deliverables of the Integration Group

GRVA will review the outcome produced by the Integration Group, gathering experts of the IWGs on FRAV and VMAD, aiming to deliver the integrated guidelines on ADS safety assurance for final consideration by WP.29 in June 2024.

GRVA-19-22 ADS: Proposal to amend document WP.29/2024/39 (UK)
WP.29/2024/39 Guidelines and recommendations for Automated Driving System safety requirements, assessments and test methods to inform regulatory development