Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 86 | 30 May-2 Jun 2022
Agenda Item 14.
Priority topics for GRPE activities

GRPE may wish to consider proposals to update the list of priority topics and/or to discuss specific items from the list of priority topics.

GRPE-86-17 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Methodology for Automobile towards Worldwide Carbon Neutrality (Japan)
GRPE-86-18/Rev.1 Life Cycle Assessment : Draft Terms of Reference of Informal Working Group LCA (Japan and Korea)
GRPE-86-19 LCA : Proposals for Harmonized LCA Methodology Development (Russia)
GRPE-86-38 Life Cycle Analysis: US EPA position (US EPA)
GRPE-86-40 LCA: Requirements to a Product Carbon Footprint Rulebook from Supplier Perspective (CLEPA)
GRPE-86-41 LCA: GRPE workshop - carbon LCA of vehicles: Vice chairs thoughts
GRPE-86-42/Rev.1 Updated list of priorities