The GAR database currently contains 25,473 documents cross-referenced against 268 regulatory subjects, 1887 meetings, and 539 participating organizations.

That's a lot of materials. If you are familiar with the World Forum and understand how proposals move around among the Forum, GR working parties, and informal working groups, then navigating through GAR is (more or less) straightforward.

However, if you are new to this area or even just not interested in the detailed discussions that go into finalizing a regulation or amendment, confronting a page listing 200 or more documents, often with similar or identical titles, can be a challenge.

GAR has been configured to allow you to select the level of detail you want when checking on the status of a regulation.

The Basic Plan focuses only on top-level discussions where regulatory texts are adopted and policy decisions are made concerning whether and what to regulate.

The Professional Plan adds the GR Working Party discussions to the mix where proposals for new regulations or amendments are presented and discussed in more detail.

The Expert Plan includes the highly technical documents discussed within the expert informal working groups.

All of these levels provide additional navigation tools and options.

To access the additional features, simply click on a plan or click the sign up link in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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GAR is an "open" site, meaning that we do not charge for access. We want to promote awareness of and involvement in the development of common global standards for the automotive industry.

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