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WP.29 Discussion Topic
PTI Tampering Detection

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Development of the Initiative

No changes to this regulation are pending.

Latest Documents

11 Mar 2020
17th PTI informal group session: Report to WP.29 | WP.29-180-21
14 Feb 2020
Minutes of the 16th PTI informal group session | PTI-16-04/Rev.1
14 Feb 2020
PTI: Measures against tampering - testing of software integrity | PTI-17-09
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Latest Meeting Discussions

Periodical Technical Inspections | Session 17 | 13 Feb 2020
Periodical Technical Inspections | Session 16 | 15 Nov 2019
World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 178 | 24-28 Jun 2019
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