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39. The expert from Germany, Chair of the IWG on Three-dimensional H-point machine introduced GRSP-57-30 to inform GRSP on the progress of the activity of the IWG. He added that the IWG was not yet in the position of drafting the terms of reference of the group because it was agreed to consult GRSP and WP.29 first. He added that the objective of the IWG would be to prepare an addendum to the Mutual Resolution M.R.1 for the 3-D H-point machine and, therefore, it would be necessary to use detailed information on the 3-D H-point machine, e.g. detailed drawings, which is currently only available in standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE Int.). GRSP agreed on the request of the IWG to seek guidance to WP.29 and AC.3 at their June 2015 sessions on how to proceed to receive the above mentioned specifications and drawings from SAE International.