International Organization for Standardization
Non-Governmental Organization
8 January 2020 Tyre noise measurement: ISO WG27 on temperature influence on tyre/road noise (ISO)
TFMU-03-02 2020-01-08
20 January 2020 Cybersecurity: Consistency between the draft UN Regulation and ISO SAE 21434 (ISO and SAE)
TFCS-17-15 2020-01-20
23 January 2020 Cybersecurity: ISO TC22/SC32/WG11 coherence check of the draft UN Regulation (TFCS-16-37/Rev1) (Continental and ISO)
TFCS-17-35 2020-01-23
18 September 2020 ISO 11992-1:2019 Road vehicles — Interchange of digital information on electrical connections between towing and towed vehicles (ISO)
GRVA-07-35 2020-09-18