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Contracting Party

Serbia is a Contracting Party to the 1958 Agreement. Under the 1958 Agreement, Serbia accepts type approvals for the regulations listed here, but does not issue type approvals of its own.

UN(ECE) Regulations

Serbia applies 130 UN Regulations.

Recent WP.29 Contributions from Serbia

02 Nov 2019
Analysis of PTI in UN Regulations (PTI-15-05/Rev.1)
["Agreement Concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions for Periodical Technical Inspections of Wheeled Vehicles and the Reciprocal Recognition of such Inspections Also known as the Vienna Agreement of 1997, this agreement aims to harmonize the content and frequency of vehicle inspections across Europe. Regulations established under the 1997 Agreement are known as UN Rules. Presently, there are two UN Rules, covering environmental protection (UN Rule No. 1) and roadworthiness (UN Rule No. 2).\r\n\r\nThe agreement developed out of the European Economic Commission's Regional Conference on Transport and the Environment (RCTE) and the principle instruments use that designation. 1997 Agreement 1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections United Nations Agreement 1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections"]