EU sixth Framework Programme: Advanced Protection Systems project
Submissions to WP.29 bodies: One documents (latest document: 3 March 2011)

The goal of the APROSYS project was to offer a significant contribution to the reduction of road victims in Europe and in this way contribute to the road safety goals of the European Commission as defined for instance in the White Paper for transport. The general objective of APROSYS was the development and introduction of critical technologies that improve passive safety for all European road users in all relevant accident types and accident severities. Furthermore, APROSYS aimed to increase the level of competitiveness of the European industry by developing new safety technologies (safety is a proven selling point) and by developing design tools (computer-aided design (CAD)) and evaluation methods that will increase the efficiency of the development process of the involved industries.

2011 April 15
APROSYS Car to pole side impact activities | PSI-02-09
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