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RIVA related? Proposal seems to set requirement in terms of use case scenarios. 16111 Show Edit Destroy
There cannot be a regulation dedicated to a technology with an "if-fitted" clause. If a manufacturer is applying for approval, they obviously have the technology on the vehicle. OICA interprets "if fitted" to mean that a CP does not have to mandate the technology, but can still use the regulation in cases where the technology is optional. Frost says CP can first decide whether to sign the regulation. Then whether just to accept approvals. Then whether to require technology. Frost does not see "if fitted" as changing this and agrees that you cannot apply the BAS regulation to a vehicle without BAS. OICA still concerned that under IWTVA a CP may interpret "shall" to mean mandatory installation. Guichard says that's issue for UN R0, not UN R142--component regulation specifies provisions for approval of a system and its installation on a vehicle. Bocharev says OICA concern is about implementation of regulation, not the regulation itself. 15646 7063 Show Edit Destroy
Same as 2018/03. No problem with clarifying the year of the ISO standard. 15648 7063 Show Edit Destroy
Two items. 1) align what has been done in UN R79 and R13/13-H. Consistency in use of remote controls for parking, including release of parking brake. Frost raises concern over UN R79 language since proposal seems to describe RCM rather than RCP which raises question over when RCM ends. OICA repeats UN R79 definition of RCP as an ACSF-A system for low-speed parking and maneuvering. Also says that driver does not have direct control over functions: it's an on-off where the system controls the maneuver from start to finish. Does UN R79 describe the "unparking maneuver"? Does the vehicle reapply the parking brake after pulling out and stopping. UN R79 says that whenever the vehicle is stationary, the system must prevent the vehicle from rolling away. This can be handled by automatic transmission to park, actuate service brake, or turn off engine. Germany: does the proposal need additional provision to cover brake behavior at end of unpark maneuver? Frost: on rolling away addresses interrupted maneuver. only addresses when the engine is switched off at the end of parking maneuver. OICA interprets unparking as unfinished parking maneuver so applies. Proposal approved. 16084 7063 Show Edit Destroy
2) stop lamp signal under regenerative braking. currently 2 thresholds. no signal under 0.7m/s2. over 1.3 m/s2 must generate signal. in between, may generate signal. OICA concern for one-pedal driving where release of accelerator activates regenerative braking to save energy and brake wear. (akin to endurance braking on heavy vehicles). CP concerns over too many signals under very light deceleration and France concern over when braking stops. Frost recalls that regenerative braking not allowed for use as service braking under Cat A, but can be used under Cat B where braking signal generated. Part of concern to ensure that friction materials remain clean and ready for use. OICA: Cat A regen not part of service braking where Cat B can be part of service braking. Problem is coasting to a stop under regenerative braking where under 0.7 requires brake lights to be turned off. So maybe address concerns by specifying that lights remain on if deceleration continuous from the higher threshold. Reg allows regen blended with service braking, but UK concerned about consistency of user experience between friction braking and regen braking (because regen braking a function of battery charge so not uniform). Chair thinks need to make sure regen requirements fully understood in light of proposed changes. So proposes to adopt (1) and return to discussion of (2) in September. Accepted and, since informal doc, annex to session report. 7063 Show Edit Destroy
approved and will be dealt with by the secretariat as an erratum. 16137 7063 Show Edit Destroy
Germany: what is off-road? Specify that additional requirements to current ACSF. Excluded remote handling controls from RCP, so raises issue. France: d'accord avec Allemagne--c'est quoi exactement hors route? UK: definitely not on any public roads, system could be fitted to on-road capable vehicles, but system restricted to off-road. Agree to clarify that ACSF-A system only. OICA: concern about GPS coverage and feasibility of having two independent means to verify position. Obstacle detection with auto stop technically problematic when vehicle purpose to penetrate through brush, etc. As explained in OICA proposal, also does not address many other applications for RCM, including outside ACSF (have existed since well before ACSF discussions). Need to further discuss. Looks like irreconcilable difference between CP and OICA views. 15650 7086 Show Edit Destroy
CPs, including France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, raised technical reservations. Since informal document, won't be adopted at this session, so time to resolve and submit as formal document at September GRRF. 16064 7087 Show Edit Destroy
ACSF decided to work on ACSF B2 (L3) first and then C2. Had considered working both in parallel. See first brainstorming list of 13 items 16107 7087 Show Edit Destroy
imperative to get B2 within ToR mandate deadline and so question on whether really feasible to handle everything in ACSF report. Also why mandate to look at L3-L4 but report on L2-L3? Does ACSF have expertise to handle since elements, such as longitudinal control, merging of systems, that are beyond steering and UN R79. Frost: don't need new group (don't want to go to WP.29 to ask for new group)--transition in ACSF--bring TFCS into ACSF work, etc.--discuss data with GRSG (will they deliver something to GRRF or does GRRF do something or do we collaborate). don't want to keep asking to extend mandates. Wants to work out strategy for delivering results, describe packets in order of priority to work out schedule. break from GRRF to hold ACSF session so can return in morning with plan. 7087 Show Edit Destroy
NL opposes--UN R13-H gives 0.7 m/s<sub>2</sub> threshold and specifically wanted to avoid brake lamp illumination just from slowing by engine retardation. UK agrees that proposal should use R13-H specifications. Canada concurs, adding that frequent lamp activation would dilute significance of stop lamp. Frost adds concerns from regen braking discussion earlier in the week. Decision took into account interest in harvesting kinetic energy, but specifically looked at relation with service brake such that cat A and cat B regen braking systems. Recommends aligning with R13-H provisions. Regen used for energy purposes should only send brake signal at high deceleration to avoid confusion with engine braking. 16144 7071 Show Edit Destroy
Informal group decided not to further consider re-manufactured calipers: would require new regulation because involves different manufacturing process. Will not pursue pending further information to support action. 7072 Show Edit Destroy
4K traffic deaths last year in Colombia. Created National Road Safety Agency (in 2011?). Goal to harmonize Colombian regulations with international standards. Know that many vehicles sold in Colombia do not meet international standards as shown in Latin NCAP testing. So that's why we commit to being part of this global forum on vehicle safety. Wants a real transformation among governments of LA. Presidential terms ends this year. Safety currently a state policy, not a program, so look to continue efforts after change of administrations. 7319 Show Edit Destroy
Discussion over creation of new GR for automated technologies or stop-gap measure to put under GRRF. GRRF option to transfer tyre items from GRRF to GRB with GRRF focused on steering, braking, and automation. Yarnold supporting this "reshaping GRRF" based on UN resources. France position that there should be a new GR given importance of subject. France also argues GRRF does not have expertise in advanced technologies. It's still a new topic for GRRF experts. US wants issue to be fully considered and put in writing to ensure a proper and efficient creation of appropriate forum. Germany supports GRRF as intermediate, but will concrete commitment to new dedicated GR. Frost suggests "emotional" reaction among some parties: difficult to find resources to address all issues present. Even if we created a new reg on automated braking, will impact 13 and 13-H because overlaps. Current regs impacted and aligned with new regs. Also possibility of adding third GRRF session to allow more resources. Industry waiting for regs in order to bring product to market, cannot be responsible for delay. Yarnold asks CPs to get clearance for eventual vote on solution, whether new GR, third GRRF, or other. 7105 Show Edit Destroy
2018/2 subject to final review so deferred to June session. FIA wants WP.29 to maintain oversight of cybersecurity, software updates, and broad issues (as opposed to putting everything under GRRF). Three points: a) how long shall vehicle manufacturer support updates for vehicles, b) software and hardware updates, c) use reference model that can stand test of time, not based on 2017. 7105 Show Edit Destroy
paras. 12 & 13 & 19. 19 raises idea of separate GR. Also notes DETA developments, including German offer to host. 7106 Show Edit Destroy
GTR 9 Flex PLI and BTA approved; however, work remains so ask for mandate extension to end 2018 (OK). DPPS under task force, so GRSP wants tf upgrade to iwg (OK). WorldSID mandate extension to end 2018 to consider German proposal for advisory group of experts (academics, mfrs, other experts) that can formulate amendments to MR2 (OK). Adopted second-level warning for rear seat belt reminders under UN R16. Request for new iwg on protective helmets because new research on biomechanics of head protection (OK). GRSP agreed to UN R44 phase out, crotch straps, etc. GRSP agreed to dissolve iwg on ECRS. 7113 Show Edit Destroy
François Guenot from WP.29 as secretary. Agreement to pursue RDE harmonization-remains to be decided whether to develop particular activities under the 1998 Agreement and/or 1958 Agreement. 06 and 07 series amendment supplements on SCR provisions and value of reagent container, but found errors after session so adopted for June but will be reviewed at June GRPE and push amendments to Nov WP.29 session. WLTP amend. 4 approved for June WP.29 session. Agreed to hold off on amendments to GTR 15 to bring one consolidated amendment per year to WP.29. WLTP UNR only Type I and IV tests (since covered by GTR 15 and 19 EVAP). Fuel economy measurement harmonization for heavy-duty vehicles. Some aspects hard to harmonize, but others can be pursued as first step. Again open question whether to pursue under 1998, 1958, or both. 7114 Show Edit Destroy
OICA willing to pay half the estimated 100K€ budget to establish providing long term operating funding present (i.e., don't want to finance an experiment closed down after 2-3 years). DoC as developed under IWVTA not satisfactory. ETRTO, OICA, CLEPA will support UI if handled by UN. Budget is the main issue. UK will support if other CPs will support. Australia willing to support. CITA expresses support. German intention to start immediately to put DETA in place and be operational within 4 months (Stage 0 where can only exchange TA documents). VIN database in Stage 2. Other ideas: Use of DETA for software: SW approval numbers, including versions/updtates, which SW can be used on which vehicles/systems. Use of DETA for PTI. 7136 Show Edit Destroy
Target for Jan 2019 GRPE. Not ready for transpo into UN R (resource issue). 7189 Show Edit Destroy
[Eric's report] WP.1 draft document on driving and secondary tasks. WP.1 resolution on the deployment of highly automated vehicles into traffic intended before year end. WP.1 meets next week. [Frost] Concerned about cursory acceptance of secondary tasks. No knowledge on technologies that would make such behavior acceptable. Needs to be coordination to move in tandem based upon what is technically possible at this time. [Eric] Will take relationship with technical feasibility into account in text of WP.1 document. GRRF: remote controlled maneuvering, but little on "valet parking". Expect current RCM to expand, but haven't started discussions yet. Also relates to pods under control of central operator. [WP.1] Currently concept of operator beside vehicle, but not yet pods or distance control although some discussion given testing and proto-programs. 7325 Show Edit Destroy
Commission proposal to allow temporarily until 31 December 2019 while specific amendments are established for the list of UN Regulations in OICA document. This would allow amendments to clarify application by the GRs. OICA says good transitional solution but would like paragraph in WP.29 report while avoiding changes to new guidelines document. 7369 Show Edit Destroy
IMMA refers to WP.29-174-03 to ask for inclusion of motorcycle lighting regulation. 7369 Show Edit Destroy
Change approval numbers from 4 to 6? Switzerland would need consent of Federal Council to implement this change. Onoda-san says not change to UN Regulation but to Schedule. Change can be effected by administrative procedures under Rev.3. AC.1 will consider but must be voted in unanimity not 4/5 majority (because touches 1958 Agreement??). Frost: issue of approvals under UN R90 because principle of approving in test groups has been removed (so UN R90 could result in 30 or more separate approvals for essentially identical parts). Substantially raises testing costs which would impact consumer pricing if interpretation is correct. Guichard mentions similar concern with UN R117. Wet grip, rolling resistance included in tire marking. Don't have answer for UN R90 because of the way marking requirements written. General issue of marking requirements under IWVTA. Either modify regulations to comply with Schedule 4 or modify Schedule 4 to allow flexibility for UN Regulation marking provisions. Frost: issue not marking/numbering issue but test groups under UN R90 and because of financial implications need to find swiftest solution. 7370 Show Edit Destroy
CI intends to propose an end to approvals under UN R44 from the earliest possible date now that UN R129 development is complete. 7383 Show Edit Destroy
Addendum not under consideration for adoption. Vote only on principal document. 7388 Show Edit Destroy
Addendum not under consideration for adoption. Vote only on principal document. 7387 Show Edit Destroy
Footnote, in-use compliance or in-service conformity but not in-service compliance existing concept. PTI group confirms term chosen consciously to avoid confusion with type approval terms. ToR adopted, keeping terms in brackets. 7425 Show Edit Destroy
Japan agrees on need to address automation, connectivity, etc. in PTI but concerned over national requirements and wish to ensure harmony even with those outside 1997 Agreement. 7425 Show Edit Destroy
[No quorum] 7464 Show Edit Destroy
Japan, UK treats document as homologous to GRVA agenda. In other words, treating "new 1998 Agreement priorities" as a agenda on autonomous vehicles. 7447 Show Edit Destroy
GTR 18 OBD II for 2020. 7448 Show Edit Destroy
parallel amendments to GTR 7 and UN R25 to GRSP at December 2018 session based on bracketed IARV developed using empirical methods. Informal doc would be presented prior to GRSP to confirm intention based upon one IWG session. Extend mandate by one year to next summer. Edoardo requests update IWG status report. 7451 Show Edit Destroy
document 4 postponed since AVERE representative (Tesla Jos Dings??) not present. 7598 Show Edit Destroy
Opposition to two phases, delay in cyclist protection, and to deactivation function/design. 17288 Show Edit Destroy
OICA explains table of "principles", stakeholders agree not principles: elements; paradigm shift gets more attention; Canada: paradigm shift slide: multiple drivers licenses; test new drivers with hardest maneuvers (parallel parking); how will address new situations. OICA: humans good drivers--millions of statistical km to produce collision; argues based on driver's permit approach: challenges analogy of driver tests using most difficult tests--more challenging circumstance in real world traffic; Sweden: in-use compliance; AAPC: not just approval testing, drivers permit + traffic laws (performance over time); possibilities to be assured of safety through testing prior to TA testing; UK: driver learns but car doesn't; OICA: cars do learn; plus learns as a fleet; UK: will need continuing validation with SW updates; [Discussion of complexity of certifying software updates--"of course" major updates have to be re-approved];Ododa-have to be clear for what we explain to GRVA/WP.29 (three pillars, etc.); examples of different pillars functions slide: typical traffic=>rwtd, critical traffic=>test track, edge cases=>simulation; can apply multiple methods of the pillars (can run track, rwtd, and simulation to cover normal traffic situation); 17956 Show Edit Destroy
180129: GRVA postpones until September. 18186 Show Edit Destroy
OICA doc 10: editorial mistake concerning alignment of C2C and C2P: copied M1 values for N1 vehicle (should align N1 C2P with N1 C2C, not M1 C2C). Japan: OICA correct so accept proposal to change table. 8377 Show Edit Destroy
<u>2019/25</u> 4.8. The approval markings required by this UN Regulation <strike>may</strike> <b>shall</b> not be replaced by a Unique Identifier (UI) described in Schedule 5 to the 1958 Agreement." <i>Document adopted as amended.</i> <u>01-12</u> amended to add L<sub>6</sub> and L<sub>7</sub> under <i>adopted and will be added to 2019/25 as package.</i> 8378 Show Edit Destroy

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