Session 9 | Osaka | 22-24 Nov 2016
1. Welcome and Introduction
2. Approval of the agenda
ACSF-09-02 | Provisional agenda for the 9th ACSF informal group session
3. Approval of the report of the previous session
ACSF-08-14 | Draft report of the 8th ACSF informal group session
4. Confirmation of the homework
5. Information about IWG ITS-AD
6. Discussion for draft proposal of Category C
ACSF-09-08 | Proposal of provisions for Category C ACSF Proposals for the text of the draft amendment to UN R79 to enable the approval of automated lane-changing systems.
ACSF-09-14 | Industry comment to document ACSF-09-04 from D and J - CAT C
7. Check and confirmation of GRRF-82-12-Rev.3
GRRF-82-12/Rev.3 | Consolidated proposal for amendments to GRRF-82-08 Updated version of the proposal to introduce corrective steering and B1 level ACSF provisions into UN R79 as agreed by the GRRF during its September 2016 session.
ACSF-09-03 | France questions and proposal of amendments regarding the draft corrective steering amendment to UN R79 (GRRF-82-12/Rev.3)
ACSF-09-07 | Proposal of provisions for Corrective Steering Functions and Category A and B1 ACSF Proposals to clarify and refine provisions in the draft corrective steering function amendment to UN R79 (document GRRF-82-12/Rev.3).
ACSF-09-10 | Korea proposal of amendments to the draft corrective steering amendment to UN R79 (GRRF-82-12/Rev.3) Proposal to exempt automated parking systems from the draft requirement for tactile signals on the steering control. In a parking maneuver, the driver does not hold the steering wheel.
ACSF-09-16 | Consolidated revision of the ACSF amendment to UN R79 Complete revised test of the "corrective steering" amendment to UN R79 (GRRF-82-12/Rev.3) as agreed during the 9th ACSF informal group session (for eventual approval by GRRF during its January 2017 session and WP.29 at its March 2017 session).
8. Discussion for definition and requirement of ESF
GRRF-82-13 | Emergency Steering Function (ESF) During its 8th meeting (Stockholm), the ACSF informal group decided that all functions to "assist the avoidance of a collision" would be excluded from the definition of "Corrective Steering Function". ACSF decided to establish a new definition for "Emergency Steering Functions (ESF)" with specific requirements. The intention was to draft this definition during a second phase effort through which requirements for ACSF categories beyond B1 will be established. In order to enable the approval of ESF systems critical to road safety, OICA has prepared this proposal for an ESF definition and simple requirements based upon provisions for Complex Electronics (CEL) in Annex 6. A footnote has also been added to define the specific conditions for the approval of these systems, until uniform provisions are defined by the ACSF informal group.
ACSF-09-05 | Proposal of provisions for an Emergency Steering Function (ESF) Proposal for an "Emergency Steering Function" to automatically assist drivers in avoiding an impending collision with an obstacle or other vehicle.
9. Other business
ACSF-09-06 | Proposal for an automatic stop function Proposal to include under the complex electronics annex of UN R79, if only as an interim measure, provisions for the approval of automated systems that bring a vehicle safely to a stop in the event of driver incapacitation.
ACSF-09-11 | Proposal for amendments to UN R13, R13-H, and R140 pursuant to ACSF amendments to UN R79 Proposal to amend provisions on electronic stability control warnings under braking regulations to allow for activation of the ESC visual warning during a stability-assistance intervention of an electronic steering control. The aim is to avoid separate requirements for brake-actuated and steering-actuated stability assistance that would lead to two visual warnings where only one is appropriate.
10. List of action items
11. Schedule for further meetings